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Why Do People Buy Timeshares?

Posted by Mia Reid on Jan 21, 2020 9:26:28 AM

You may think of timeshare as being an outdated thing-of-the-past, but the timeshare industry actually continues to grow every year. In fact, timeshare is celebrating it's ninth annual year of growth, surpassing over $10 billion in sales. So why do people still buy timeshares? The product has changed into something that families, couples, and adults love.

What is a Timeshare?

why do people buy timesharesA timeshare is not what you may think it is. Long-gone are the days of owners traveling to the same resort, in the same unit, at the same time every year. With top brands in the industry like Disney Vacation Club, Hyatt, Hilton, and more, owners have more flexibility and options than ever before.

With points-based ownership, timeshare owners can use their vacation points as currency, to spend as they wish. The travel club lifestyle has taken over, and for this reason, owners love their timeshare. In fact, about 85% of timeshare owners love their brand or resort.

A timeshare is also a guarantee to vacation every year, and you pay up-front for a lifetime of travel. To learn more, check out our blog "What is a Timeshare and How Does it Work?"

Average Cost of a Timeshare

People buy timeshares because the average cost is almost nominal in comparison to a lifetime of vacations. At most timeshare presentations, a sales representative will show you approximately how much you'll spend over your lifetime on travel. When you compare the average cost of a timeshare (including maintenance fees!) with 60+ years of vacations, the savings are clear. According to ARDA, the American Resort Development Association, the average cost of a timeshare in 2019 is $21,445.

Let's say you take a week-long vacation every year somewhere new. How much do you spend normally on your hotel? How many people normally accompany you? Now, multiply this over the next 50 to 60 years. With the average cost of a timeshare, you will have already made up what you paid for and more!

Timeshare Vs Hotel Room


Not only is the average cost of a timeshare much lower than your lifetime of vacations, but timeshare units offer much more space than the typical hotel. With a timeshare resort, units normally have private bedrooms, spacious living rooms, and a fully-equipped kitchen.

About 68% have two or more bedrooms, giving families room and the space to truly unwind and relax. There's nothing worse than a cramped hotel room and lack of personal space. Plus, you can even save on dining when you have the option to use a kitchen for home-cooked meals.

Vacation Exchange

vacation exchangeWhen you feel like you've seen it all with your brand's resorts (although this is unlikely, with brands like Wyndham having hundreds of resorts within their portfolio to visit), timeshare owners have the option to exchange their week or points on popular networks like RCI or Interval International. Why do people buy timeshares? Because they can travel virtually anywhere with their ownership, not just the same place at the same time every year.

RCI and Interval International are the most popular vacation exchange networks with thousands of travel options across the world. Trade your timeshare for a cruise, or an exciting trip abroad.

Timeshare Financing

timeshare financingIf the price point still seems like it's unfeasible to you, how does financing your vacations sound? With our friends at Vacation Club Loans, buyers can finance their timeshare purchase up to seven years. Vacation Club Loans makes it easy to pre-qualify with an easy online application and fast loan approval. There's also no pre-payment penalty.

Get timeshare financing on major brands like Disney Vacation Club, Hilton Grand Vacations, Holiday Inn Club Vacations, and more.

Is a Timeshare Worth It?

Still wondering why people buy timeshares? The savings and perks are clear. A timeshare is definitely worth it for families that want to travel frequently, and travel in comfort. There are many benefits of timeshare, but if you aren't going to use it to the fullest, you may miss the opportunities!

Keep in mind, a timeshare is not a financial investment. When you buy a timeshare, it's an investment in your family and quality of vacations.

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