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Timeshare Vs Hotel: Health and Eating on a Budget

Posted by Mia Reid on May 28, 2019 2:35:10 PM

The conversation surrounding timeshare vs hotel is always ongoing. The pros and cons of each really depend on every individual and family. Vacation styles, budget, health or activity levels are all important factors to consider. In this showdown, we weigh the difference between timeshare vs hotel when it comes to health and eating on a budget.

The Healthy, Budget-Friendly Benefits of Timeshare

Planning for vacations can be difficult. Saving money for flights, a place to stay, all of the adventures and activities you want to take, as well as factoring in how much more you have left to spend on basic necessities like food.

With only two people, eating out isn’t quite as expensive as family dining, but you’ll still be shelling out money for every meal of the day when staying at a hotel. Sometimes there are complimentary breakfasts, but besides that, you’re on your own. Foodies might love exploring every dining option in the areas surrounding their hotel or resort, but sometimes we just want a nice, home-cooked meal.

timeshare vs hotelsWith a timeshare, overspending on eating out while on vacation or struggling to find healthy options is a thing of the past. Known benefits of timeshare resorts and the accommodations they offer are the spacious, home-like units. Complete with multiple bedrooms, living areas and complete kitchens helps owners bring home away from home. That includes those healthy, inexpensive home-cooked meals. Forbes found that a restaurant meal on average costs five times as much as a dinner prepared from home. This is definitely something to factor in to the savings that come from vacation ownership.

Let’s say that you spend a minimum of $20 per meal on a seven day vacation. That’s $420 spent on food alone during a week away. Remember, this is the minimum you might spend, just to keep things simple. A home-cooked meal averages out to $4 per serving. Compared to eating out, this gives you savings of over $330.

benefits of timeshareAnother common complaint after vacation is when travelers come home and their pants are fitting a little tighter around the waist from eating out so much. Sure, hotels have gyms, but they say that the biggest effect on a healthy body is a healthy diet. Restaurants tend to serve two to three times more than a healthy portion size. Being on vacation and receiving these huge amounts of food might make you feel the need to eat everything off your plate, especially if you don’t have a fridge or microwave back at your room. You might feel that if you can’t save it, you’re wasting money on the meal.

Restaurant dining is not made for keeping track of calories, carbohydrates, fats, or nutrients. Chefs are focused solely on creating the most delicious, can’t keep your fork down meals. Eating out all day every day on vacation is definitely going to result in a less-balanced diet.

The International Food Information Council Foundation found in their annual study that almost 20% of people were sticking to a healthier eating regimen because they had a health condition. As many as 40% said they just wanted to feel better. With health-conscious families or individuals, a downside to vacation at a hotel means sacrificing healthy options. Some people would rather pay closer attention to their overall well-being rather than a week away from home, and their kitchens.

This is just another benefit to timeshare that we don’t always think about. With spacious, fully-equipped kitchens, diet restrictions don’t have to be a concern. You can still go on vacation with your family, and take care of your health. So who wins in this showdown of timeshare vs hotel? Leave a comment and tell us what you think!

Orlando Resorts with Kitchens

A popular family destination, Orlando has so many resorts with full kitchens in every unit. With children, it is especially important to pay attention to a healthy diet and save money from dining out.

orlando resorts with kitchens-1

  • Disney Vacation Club

    Disney Vacation Club is a great choice for the entire family. Their resorts are all within a close proximity to every theme park in Orlando, with shuttles or the monorail to transport guests straight from their accommodations to the fun. Disney Vacation Club members can even submit an order form to have groceries delivered to their resort, giving you more time to spend with family and make memories. Every resort has units which feature full kitchens.
  • Marriott’s Cypress Harbor

    Cypress Harbor has that “Old Florida” charm about it, with gazebos, porches and stunning pathways through the resort property. Close to all the attractions of Orlando, vacationers can also enjoy this resort, complete with full kitchens in every unit.
  • Orange Lake’s River Island

    Holiday Inn Club Vacations Orange Lake Resort is a popular choice among families, with its winding lazy river, mini-golf, seven restaurants, ticket and transportation services. It’s spacious rooms feature fully-equipped kitchens and a grocery store on the property.

There are so many resorts and options to choose from with Orlando vacations. Browse through our selection of Orlando resorts available on the resale market, where you can get a deal and have your vacation dreams available.

Maui Resorts with Kitchens

Skip the luau one night on vacation and make a nice home-cooked meal at any one of these Maui resorts with full kitchens. Or pack a lunch to bring down to the beach when you're getting ready for a day in the sun. 

Maui resorts with kitchens

  • Marriott Maui Ocean Club

    The Marriott Maui Ocean Club is a stunning resort that sits on Ka'anapali Beach. Suites come in one and two-bedroom accommodations, including private balconies, separate living and dining areas, as well as kitchen amenities. 
  • The Westin Ka'anapali Ocean Resort Villas

    Another great Marriott resort, the West Ka'anapali Ocean Resort Villas offer a seamless blend of beach cottage-style living and luxury. Take to yoga on the ocean lawn or go on other outdoor adventures. Accommodations come in large studios as well as one-bedroom villas. There is also a whirlpool tub, washers and dryers and of course, full kitchens.

  • Hyatt Ka'anapali Beach Resort

    Hyatt Residence Club members may have one of the most best options when it comes to Maui. The Hyatt Ka'anapali Beach Resort is the ultimate island haven with incredible views of the Pacific Ocean or West Maui mountains in every villa. One, two and three-bedroom villas are complete with spa-like bathrooms, stainless steel appliances and private lanais. 
When you head out on your next Hawaiian vacation, keep in mind that there are so many options! Maui resorts with kitchens offer a home away from home when you travel over the Pacific Ocean. Browse through our selection of other Hawaiian resorts available on the resale market.

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