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How to Sell Wyndham Timeshare: Step-by-Step Guide

Posted by Hannah O'Brien on Nov 14, 2019 2:31:00 PM

Choosing the right path when unloading your Wyndham timeshare can feel daunting. To get started, we've curated a step-by-step guide for you on how to sell Wyndham timeshare. Using a trusted timeshare resale company can give you peace of mind when you feel uncertain about what comes next.

Selling Wyndham Timeshares

selling-wyndham-timesharesSelling Wyndham timeshares comes with a lot of options. It's best to decide which plan of action will be right for your family. There is a lot of advice on the internet about selling Wyndham timeshares so use your best judgement. When you are ready to sell your timeshare, it's best to go with a trusted timeshare resale company. 

Selling Wyndham Timeshare Back to Wyndham

If you're curious about selling your Wyndham timeshare back to Wyndham, you should give them a call. The resort will be able to go through your options with you and confirm what you own and what you owe. Wyndham may refer you to Wyndham Cares. This is a program specifically designed to help owners who want to exit their timeshare. They will point you in the right direction based on your unique circumstances. The most common Wyndham brands are Club Wyndham, Shell Vacation Club, WorldMark by Wyndham and Margaritaville Vacation Club.

By making a call to Wyndham they will be able to provide you with advice on what to do next. 

How Do I Sell My Wyndham Timeshare?

Exchange Wyndham Timeshare

We want to make sure you have all the information you need before selling your timeshare. If your reason for wanting to sell is because you feel like you're out of travel options, it may be of interest to check out exchanging your Wyndham timeshare through RCI. RCI is a vacation exchange network owned by Wyndham. Through RCI you have the opportunity to exchange your time at your timeshare for days spent at another.

What's more, owners have traveled to different states and even different countries through the program. RCI has an extensive network of trade options so if you want to get more out of your timeshare before selling, give them a call.

Can I Give My Timeshare Away?


If you have fond memories of your timeshare and want to keep it in the family, you can. Giving your timeshare to another family member may be a great way to extend your vacations for years to come. Be sure to discuss your options with your family and friends on selling your timeshare. You never know if they may be looking to get one!

Additionally, you could rent your timeshare to your family or friends and have them cover the maintenance fees for the year they want to use it.

Trusted Timeshare Resale Company

To be sure a company is reputable and trustworthy, check for approval from the American Resort Development Association. This organization is dedicated to bringing transparency to the timeshare industry and wants consumers to have access to services they can trust. ARDA has also implemented a web campaign titled Responsible Exit. The purpose of this program is to be a resource for owners looking to sell timeshares. Here at Fidelity Resales, we are backed by ARDA and take pride in delivering reliable and honest services. If you're serious about selling your timeshare and you are all paid up on your loans, contact one of our Licensed Real Estate agents.

7 Steps to Sell Timeshare with Fidelity Real Estate

We can assist you in selling Wyndham timeshare if you are current on your timeshare payments and do not have any outstanding loans. Our process is simple.

  1. Get started by filling out a form on our website or calling one of our agents at 1-800-410-8326 (410-TEAM). One of our licensed real estate agents will give you a free consultation to go over the services we can provide to you.
  2. Then, we will create a listing for your Wyndham timeshare. Should you decide to accept our services, there are zero up-front fees. We will work together to create your Wyndham timeshare listing and set the offer price. This is up to you, but your agent can give you an estimate of what other Wyndham timeshares are selling for at your resort. Throughout this process, you will have direct communication with your agent and we can adjust purchase prices and such accordingly.
  3. Once an offer is made on your listing, we will contact you to go over the details. Fidelity Real Estate agents can facilitate the negotiations for you.
  4. If you decide to accept the offer, we will draft up the contracts of sale for both parties to sign.
  5. Once contracts are written and signed, it’s not over yet! The resort that your timeshare is associated with has the right of first refusal (ROFR), which means they can step in as the buyer. If this happens, the resort will become the buyer of your timeshare and accept the terms of the contract. If the resort refuses the offer, the sale continues with the initial buyer.
  6. Once the ROFR is waived by the resort, we can direct you to a trusted title company who will transfer the title out of your name. The title company will process the title transfer and send the new title and documents to the resort and the county the resort is located in. This can take a little while depending on the title company and the county your resort is located. Be patient, though, because it's almost done!
  7. After the title is transferred out of your name, you should contact the resort (Wyndham in this case) to confirm the membership is out of your name. Do not stop paying your maintenance fees until you confirm with the resort, HOA or mortgage lender that the ownership is no longer under your name. Until this is done, you will still be responsible for paying the maintenance fees.

When all the steps above are completed... you have officially sold your timeshare!

Ready to get started? Contact an agent.

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