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How to Sell Your DVC Points

Posted by Mia Reid on Nov 8, 2019 9:00:00 AM

When timeshare ownership is not for you anymore, there are options to sell your DVC points. In fact, Disney Vacation Club's popular following regularly buys and sells DVC points on the resale market. Depending on what you own, you're more likely to get back what you paid for than with any other vacation club brand.

Before You Decide to Sell Your DVC Points

Disney Vacation Club has one of the most impeccable reputations in the timeshare world. Owners love their DVC home resort and using their points to explore all that DVC has to offer.

Exchange Your DVC Points through RCI


Are you selling because you've simply "seen it all" at Disney? With fifteen resorts, it's likely that after getting your good use out of your points that you want to see more on vacation. With vacation exchange, owners can trade their DVC points for trips around the world. RCI members can even get discounts on airfare, car rentals and more.

Gift Your DVC Reservation to a Friend or Family

Sometimes it's hard to let go. If you're in a financial bind but just don't want to part ways with your Disney Vacation Club ownership, we get it. What's not to love?

Before you decide to cut the cord, you might want to consider what friends or family would enjoy a vacation to one of the resorts that Disney offers. They can get a great deal from you and it can help cover the timeshare maintenance fees for the year.

The Options to Sell Your DVC Points

fidelity resales dvcThere are definitely a few ways of going about selling your Disney Vacation Club timeshare. Your first step should always be to contact DVC first. Depending on your circumstances, their representatives can guide you to the right solutions tailored just for you.

Fidelity Real Estate has been a recommended resale broker of Disney Vacation Club since 2005. Our licensed real estate agents are able to assist in finding the right buyer for your DVC points. We have sold more DVC memberships than any other company in the last 10 years, which has allowed us to offer our services for one of the lowest commission rates as well.

Can I Cancel My DVC Membership?

You may have heard that you can cancel a timeshare contract, but this is false. DVC membership is a deeded real estate interest that can't simply be canceled. The best way to go about getting out of your ownership is to either sell your DVC points or gift them to a friend or family member.

Do I Have to Sell All of My DVC Points?

As we mentioned before, your DVC membership is a deeded real estate interest. Meaning, your points cannot be divided to keep or sell. If you aren't using all of your points every year, you can bank them to use next year, or gift them to a friend or family member to use.

Listing Your DVC Membership for Sale

Once you find a reputable, real estate brokerage to list your timeshare for sale, your agent can help find the right buyer looking for just what you're selling! Before you accept the services of any third-party resource, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is the timeshare reseller a member of the American Resort Development Association (ARDA)?
  2. Are they recommended to you directly from Disney Vacation Club?
  3. Do they have an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau?
  4. Can you find traceable, legitimate reviews from other DVC owners online?

fidelity resales commissionIf you're wanting to learn more about a third-party service, online reviews are a great place to start, as well as and Fidelity Real Estate (Fidelity Resales) checks off all these boxes and more.

How Much Are My DVC Points Worth?

With all of the information out there about the timeshare resale market, it's difficult to say how much your DVC Points are worth. Depending on what you own, how many points you have Banked or Borrowed, and how many points you own can all play a part in the value. Our DVC experts are able to assist in pricing your timeshare at a competitive market value, but in the end, it's up to you on how much you want to sell your DVC Points for.

Writing the Contracts and Closing Process

dvc-fidelity-resales-listingsYou may start jumping for joy or sigh in relief when you get an offer on your DVC timeshare. Your Fidelity Resales agent will notify you and go over the details of the offer, and assist with negotiations. There are a few negotiating points that are common with buyers, so be aware. Keep in mind, you have all the negotiating power. It is ultimately up to you to decide whether to accept an offer or decline.

After negotiations, your licensed real estate agent can write the contracts for you and the buyer to sign. This can be done electronically via DocuSign, making it easy for out-of-state parties to move along the closing process. Finally, all of the signed documents are sent to Disney Vacation Club to under-go the Right of First Refusal (or ROFR).

What Happens When DVC Exercises the ROFR

fidelity-dvc-rofrAs the seller, you have nothing to really worry about when DVC exercises the Right of First Refusal. In the timeshare resale industry, your resort always has the option to refuse the sale, and take it over as the buyer.

When this happens, it usually means that DVC is exercising the ROFR for most of the contracts for your specific resort. DVC exercising the ROFR means that they accept all of the same terms that are on the contracts. You will still receive the same purchase price and terms that were already agreed upon.

What if DVC Waives the ROFR?

When DVC waives the ROFR, they are allowing the sale to continue between you, the owner, and the buyer. The rest of the closing process can continue!

Title Transfer and Disbursing Funds

The last stage of selling your DVC Points comes after the Right of First Refusal. The title company can then transfer ownership, collect and disburse funds, and relieve you of your ownership.

Don't forget: you must continue paying your timeshare maintenance fees until you receive an official notification from the resort that your DVC points are transferred out of your name. If you fall behind on your fees, it could disrupt the sale process.

Contact Fidelity Resales to Sell DVC Points

If you are considering selling your DVC Points, contact our experts at 407-465-5188 to receive a free consultation. Questions? Leave a comment below!

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