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Grand Opening of The BOATHOUSE at Downtown Disney

Posted by Diana Furey on Apr 14, 2015 8:29:00 AM

We already know how awesome Downtown Disney is, but somehow it just got even better! Monday, April 13th, was the grand opening of The BOATHOUSE restaurant located at the Landing, which is a new neighborhood that will soon become part of Disney Springs. It’s their first all-new dining spot that features real, floating dream-boats from the 30s, 40s, and 50s! 

Amohicar in water

Floating inside the BOATHOUSE is a multi-million dollar fleet of rare boats. These were amassed from private collectors, boat shows, and museums from all around the world. The collection is an absolute must-see for boat enthusiasts, but anyone can appreciate this unique exhibit.

What's on the Menu?

The amazing art and vintage boat parts covering the wall are fascinating and worth the experience alone, but we go to restaurants for the food! This upscale dining experience offers steaks, chops, fresh seafood and even a raw bar! The raw bar serves three to five varieties of oysters, colossal wild-caught Baja shrimp cocktail, and the magnaminous BOATHOUSE lobster dish which contains a pound-and-a-quarter of lobster! The great thing about The BOATHOUSE is that there is something for everyone on the menu. 

Lobster dinner

You can order a 32-ounce long bone rib chop or even Anastasia Gold caviar which is brought in fresh from a farm in nearby Pierson, Florida, but if you simply feel like ordering a basket of fried oysters, go right ahead! The chefs at The BOATHOUSE pride themselves on catering to everyone. Don’t assume that they are just known for their delicious entrees! They are even known for their big desserts. Their most well-known dessert may be the S’More Baked Alaska. It is made with one-and-a-half gallons of Rocky Road ice cream with a graham cracker crust topped with a mountain of meringue, marshmallows and chunks of white chocolate sprinkled on top. If that doesn’t make your mouth water enough, they top it all off by torching the dessert to give it that s’more like finish!

An Amazing View

Managed by the award-winning Gibsons Restuant Group, this new restaurant offers the finest dishes and fanciest drinks. Executive Chef Bob Getcheil, who has been perfecting the menu for the past 5 months, was quoted to say “Incredible food with a waterfront view is the focal point. All of the dining rooms have waterfront views or are on the water."

The BOATHOUSE has a capacity of 600 people, and offers 400 seats outside and 200 on the inside. When designing the restaurant, the Imagineers really took into account what the guests would like. The height of the celling, the width of the deck, and even the transparent railing is all so guests can get the best view of the water as possible. Downtown Disney at nightYou couldn’t have a bad view even if you tried.

Take a Ride at the Restaurant

We already know the food and the architecture are amazing. But you probably didn’t expect to be able to experience an Amphicar when you’re there! Guests can actually experience a guided tour in these “water-cars” that drive on both land and float in the water. The tour costs $125 to experience, but included is your own Car Captain and seating for up to three guests. They will take you on a tour of Downtown Disney directly from the water up to the sidewalks. The BOATHOUSE at Downtown Disney is the only place in the world where you can ride in these vintage Amphicars! While this attraction isn’t open quite yet, keep an eye out because this is not an experience you want to miss!

Downtown Disney boatYou also need to make sure you check out the Italian Water Taxi Cruise. The 40-foot wooden taxi called The Venezia, offers a guided tour through Downtown Disney. Even though the cost is a little steep at $75 per adult and $50 per child, there is a lot that comes with it. The tour features live music, chocolate covered strawberries, and even a champagne toast for the adults. Eventually this will be able to accommodate groups up to 20 people, which is perfect for work outings or any kind of celebration with family or friends.

New Restaurant, New Experiences

The BOATHOUSE isn’t just the newest restaurant at Downtown Disney; it’s an attraction all of its own! Yes you can eat delicious, gourmet food, but you can also ride on vintage boats and explore Downtown Disney in a way you never dreamed of! Boat at Downtown DisneyThe restaurant is open from 11 a.m.-2 a.m. daily, which is great for any partiers that may be in your group. As most Disney restaurants go, making reservations are highly suggested, so make sure to call ahead or make the reservations on their website.

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