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Glossary of DVC Resale Terms

Posted by Paul Rotter on Dec 9, 2014 7:55:00 AM

Learning DVC Resale termsDVC resale transactions are complicated enough without getting bogged down by industry jargon. The terms and definitions below will empower you to breeze through contracts, closing documents, DVC forums, and any Disney Vacation Club articles without consulting Wikipedia or pulling your hair out.


Animal Kingdom Lodge, a DVC resort

Annual Dues

Yearly charges levied by the Disney home resort. These are applied on a cost per point basis and vary depending on your home resort. 


Aulani Resort and Spa, a DVC resort in Hawaii

Banking, Banked Points

DVC members can reserve, or "bank" points for use in the following year


Beach Club Villas, a DVC resort


Bay Lake Tower, a DVC resort

Borrowing, Borrowed Points

DVC members can "borrow" points from the upcoming year for use in the current year


Boardwalk Villas, a DVC resort


Finalizes the resale transaction. Click here for Everything You Need to Know about the DVC Resale Closing Process

Closing Costs

Expenses incurred during the sale-closing process and paid to the title company for full title services

Deed Only Closing

Alternative to a full closing, deed only closings do not include a title search or some of the other confirmation measures performed by the title insurance company. It is cheaper but more risky to the buyer than a full closing.


Disney Vacation Club

Escrow Agent

The title insurance company that holds the deed in escrow and handles the closing

Exclusive Right of Sale, Exclusive Right to Sell

Grants the real estate agent sole right to sell a specified property. Under this agreement the seller cannot list the property with another real estate agent


Refers to U.S. income tax on foreign individuals selling U.S. real estate (including Disney Vacation Club membership)


Flat 5% tax levied by the state of Hawaii to non-residents selling real estate property, such as ownership at Aulani


Hilton Head Island, a DVC resort in South Carolina

Leasehold Deed

A deed with an expiration date

Listing Agreement

Contract between a seller and a real estate agency hired to sell a DVC property


"Or Best Offer"

Point Allotment

The number of vacation points a DVC owner receives from Disney each year

Point Summary

Document that outlines the details of a DVC member's ownership including point allotment, banked and borrowed points. Used by a real estate agency to confirm ownership prior to listing


RCI (Resort Condominiums International) is the largest timeshare exchange company in the world


A vacation property being advertised for sale after it was originally purchased from the resort developer

ROFR (Right of First Refusal), FROR (First Right of Refusal

Terms used interchangeably to refer to Disney's option to buy a DVC property from the seller rather than allowing a resale transaction to take place. Check out these tips that can help prevent ROFR from ruining your resale transaction.


Saratoga Springs Resort, a DVC resort

Use Year

A 12-month period beginning on the first day of the month that coincides with the start of a DVC membership, this is when the point allotment is renewed


Vero Beach, a DVC resort


Disney's Grand Californian Villas, a DVC resort in California

Vesting Options

Determine how the deed will be handled in the event of an owner's death


Villas at Grand Floridian, a DVC resort


Villas at Wilderness Lodge, a DVC resort

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