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Why DVC Member Benefits Make a Bigger Difference Than You Think

Posted by Diana Furey on Feb 16, 2015 8:01:55 AM

There is no doubt that Disney Vacation Club Members eat, sleep and breathe Disney. Even though they are located all around the world, they tend to act more like one giant, happy family. They even have their own language! What brings such a diverse group of people together like this? We like to think it’s a combination of things that, when taken as a whole, create a unique Disney experience which just can't be captured by a single family vacation. When you take into account everything that Disney Vacation Club has to offer, you just might be pleasantly surprised by the perks no one really talks about.

Just the Basics

The flexibility is what makes the DVC membership so unique. There are a ton of great things about being a DVC member, but one of the best is the opportunity to stay at a different Disney resort each time you visit. Every resort has its own unique “personality” and charm, and you can experience them all. This way, there won’t be any complaints of the same vacation year after year. However, if you choose to stay at a particular resort year after year, you always have the option of pool hopping! 


As a DVC member, you are able to visit the pools of any other Walt Disney Resort (excluding Animal Kingdom, Stormalong Bay, and the Beach Club Villas, unless you are a guest at those resorts). Just flash your room key to any of the on-duty attendants to experience a different resort that day. Just make sure you check the official black-out dates before you head over to the pools. You receive the same magical Disney experience, but get to enjoy it from a different viewpoint each time. 

Obviously there are a ton of DVC membership benefits that cannot be beat.  With all the perks and discounts you receive for being a DVC member, you'll typically break-even even after just a few trips. Simply put, the membership allows you to concentrate on having a fun-filled time with your family, while at the same time being completely care-free knowing that your trip is already paid for. How great is that?

Dazzling Discounts

As DVC members know, you receive tons of discounts at most restaurants, stores and kiosks, all with just a swipe of your Magic Band! But do you realize how awesome these discounts really are? According to USA Today, DVC members can save up to 70% off of Disney Vacation Club resort accommodations for the next 45 years!

There are so many opportunities to save, that we did a whole article on Disney Vacation Club member discounts. Just remember to have your membership card handy because these discounts are exclusively for DVC members.

The Royal Treatment

Another trait that DVC members have in common is a passion for planning. Making sure that everyone has a great time while getting to experience it all can certainly be stressful. It’s unrealistic to think that you can plan for everything. This is where Member Services steps in. 


They’ll assist you with things as large as booking a flight, to as small as making dinner reservations. A DVC membership basically comes with your own personal assistant.

Any trip to Disney is going to be an awesome experience! You don’t have to be a DVC member to appreciate a good time, but who doesn’t enjoy being treated like royalty?  The Disney magic really begins and ends with incredible customer service, the like of which you won't find at a regular timeshare. Of course, Disney loves all of its visitors, but Disney Vacation Club Members are (probably) their favorite!

One Big Happy Family

When you become a DVC member, you become part of the family. Since members are located around the world, they needed a way to communicate with each other in a simple and efficient way. In order to do this, online forums and boards were created. Some of the most popular hang outs are and where users have Disney-related discussions. 


These sites allow DVC members from around the world to communicate and share their experiences with just the click of the mouse! Through these networks, the DVC community has a quick and easy way to share travel tips, membership advice, and even things not to do. The best part about these DVC Member exclusive sites: you can freely indulge your Disney addiction with like-minded folks who are just as passionate as you are!


Obviously, DVC ownership is about a lot more than just taking Disney vacations. As a member, you get an expanded Disney experience that really transcends a single trip. If you're curious about what else Disney has to offer, check out our free comprehensive Family Guide to Disney Vacation Club. Alternately, if you're super excited about all the benefits of Disney Vacation Club but you haven't found the perfect point package yet, sign up for Fidelity's Priority Mail List to have the latest lisitings delivered to your inbox before they're advertised to the public.

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