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DVC Points and When to Add More

Posted by Paul Rotter on Dec 31, 2014 9:57:00 AM

Some call it the Add-on Bug, or Add-on-itis, or even DVC obsessed, but one thing is clear: Disney Vacation Club members just can't seem to get enough DVC points. While we can all agree that More Points = More Disney Vacations = Happy DVC members, managing multiple contracts can be a hassle if you don't know what you're getting into.

Purchasing More Points at Your Current Home Resort

Considering a DVC Contract

If you are happy with your current membership but simply want more DVC points, adding on can be pretty simple. The easiest way to go about it is to keep things consistent with your current membership.

Buy the same Use Year and make sure the property is deeded to the same names as your original. When you add-on this way, you will have two deeds, but only one Disney Vacation Club membership number. You will use these DVC points as if they were all part of a single package. It's completely hassle-free.

If you ever decide to sell your DVC property, you can sell the two deeds individually, or combine them so that the buyer receives only a single deed that encompasses the total of the two point packages.

On the other hand, if you choose to purchase additional DVC points for your current home resort but select a different use year, you will actually be assigned another membership number. Essentially, the new use year is an additional Disney Vacation Club membership in your name. You can still use points from both memberships to book a single stay, but remember that the renewal dates and booking windows will be different.

Buying DVC Points at a New Home Resort

So, you're loving your Disney Vacation Club membership but there's a resort other than your home resort that you're really crazy about. Maybe you bought Saratoga Springs, used some points to book a stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge and just fell in love with the savanna. Now you want some points at Animal Kingdom Lodge in addition to your current membership. Here's the deal: if you buy the same use year, you're in the clear.

Use DVC Points to Stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge VillasBuying DVC points under the same use year, even if they're at a different home resort, will add those points to your current Disney Vacation Club membership. You will receive an additional deed, but you will NOT get a new membership number. If you started with 100 points at Saratoga Springs, and added on 100 points at Animal Kingdom Lodge, you now have 200 points to spend under a single membership. The points will all renew at the same time, the only catch comes down to booking.

You could use all 200 points to book a single visit to Animal Kingdom Lodge, but you will NOT get the home resort benefit of the 11 month booking window. You will only have the ability to book this trip 7 months in advance. Why? Because you're using 100 points that are associated with Saratoga Springs as the home resort, and those cannot be applied to a stay at Animal Kingdom further than 7 months ahead.

Note that unlike multiple contracts at the same home resort, if you choose to sell your DVC point packages of different resorts, they cannot be combined into a single deed for the buyer. The two contracts will be sold independently.

Transferring DVC Points

If you own multiple Disney Vacation Club memberships (more than one membership number) Disney gives you a limited ability to transfer points between accounts. The "official policy" is that a single owner is only permitted one transfer between accounts each year, but this rule is not set in stone. They are, however, firm on the restriction that only points for the immediate year can be transferred.

When It Makes Sense to Buy Under A New Use Year

DVC Family VacationMost of the time it's just simpler to add DVC points under the same use year, but there are exceptions. If you can find a spectacular deal on a new point package (beware of ROFR if buying on the resale market), it might be worthwhile to make the purchase even if it is under a different use year. Mostly you'll need to evaluate whether the savings are worth the trouble of managing two accounts. It doesn't bother some people, while others prefer the convenience of maintaining a single membership.

Multiple use years really become useful if you plan to visit Disney more than once a year and have very specific dates in mind. For instance, perhaps your family does a trip to Disney every spring, but you would also like to start a new tradition of seeing the New Year fireworks from atop The Contemporary on January 1st.

It's a great idea, but also a very popular one. You will almost definitely need the full 11-month booking window of a December use year at Bay Lake Tower if you hope to book that stay each year. In this case, multiple Disney Vacation Club accounts make sense and will actually help you to make the most of your membership.

I Bought DVC Through Disney. Can I add DVC Points on the Resale Market?

Of course you can! You will almost always get a better price for DVC points on the resale market than you would buying directly from Disney, but those points come with a few limitations. The points that you buy on the resale market cannot be used to book Disney hotel stays (Concierge Collection, Adventure Collection etc.) or cruises.

If you already own a Disney Vacation Club membership that you bought directly from Disney and you add points via the resale market, Disney will keep track and will not allow you to spend points from the resale market outside of DVC resorts.

Most DVC members aren't bothered by the restrictions on points bought on the resale market because booking cruises and hotel stays generally does not present a good value for the cost of points. If you see these opportunities as an added benefit of Disney Vacation Club membership though, you will need to purchase your additional DVC points directly from Disney.

Curing Add-on-itis

Despite increased awareness, no one has yet discovered a way to break the DVC add-on frenzy. However, there are some useful tools to help feed your hunger for DVC points. Sign up for Fidelity's priority mail list, to receive the latest Disney Vacation Club listings of your choice before they are made available to the general public. This is the best way to snatch up the point package and use year that you have been searching for.


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