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2019 RCI Membership Fees

Posted by Mia Reid on Feb 26, 2019 2:00:00 PM

Timeshare's largest exchange company, Resort Condominiums International (RCI) allows timeshare owners of affiliated resorts to exchange their weeks or points within RCI's advanced trading platform.

As a resale owner, RCI can keep the door open to all of their affiliated resorts and locations. Before signing up, it's important to review the different membership options and fees associated with each. We've broken down the 2019 RCI fees and membership options to help make your decision easier.

What Is RCI?

RCI is a sophisticated online platform for timeshare owners to exchange and trade their weeks or points. Connecting members to resorts and locations out of their "home" resort, RCI opens the door to exciting vacation opportunities. In 1974, RCI was started by Jon and Christel DeHaan as they prioritized bringing greater value to the timeshare industry. A leader in vacation exchange,  RCI offers the world's largest exchange network and unbeatable services. Through their core programs of RCI Points and RCI Weeks, RCI allows subscribing members to take on their vacation dreams.

How Do I Use RCI?

Exchanging points and resort weeks is simple with RCI's online platform. Users can sign up online or over the phone with assistance from an RCI agent. There are numerous membership options that work like a subscription service. Basic membership gives users access to the RCI trade and exchange platform. Points and Weeks are given trading value that can be exchanged for other resorts and locations. 

For members looking for more perks and benefits, Gold or Platinum memberships offer great advantages like discounted cruises, guest certificates and extensions so your points never go to waste. 

 If your timeshare ownership is at an RCI Weeks affiliated resort, you can join RCI online today. To confirm your ownership is affiliated with RCI, please call your home resort today to enroll as an RCI Points Member. To enjoy exchange benefits with RCI, you must own a timeshare.

More questions? Visit visit or call RCI directly at 1.800.338.7777.


RCI Weeks Fees

Like a subscription, these various fees can be paid annually or in bulk at a discounted rate. These are the annual fees for the basic membership plan to exchange points in RCI's trading system.  

Annual Subscription Fees

Weeks Members

Points Members

1 Year



2 Years



3 Years



4 Years



5 Years



RCI Gold Weeks Membership Fees

RCI members looking to get a little extra advantage for their vacation plans can upgrade to the Gold membership. Get 5% off Extra Vacations and Last Call Vacations, use free ongoing search services, hold your vacations at no cost and so much more as an RCI Gold Member. These fees are on top of the basic membership. 


Gold Membership Fees

Weeks and Points

1 Year


2 Years

$86 (12% savings)

3 Years

$123 (16% savings)

4 Years

$156 (20% savings)

5 Years

$180 (27% savings)


RCI Platinum Weeks Membership Fees

For extra perks as an RCI member, upgrading to Platinum membership can save extra coin if you're looking for exclusive perks and benefits. Extend unused points for two years, receive an extra 10% off Extra Vacations and Last Call Vacations, get 10% off the combined deposit fee and so much more. Platinum membership has a list of benefits and savings that any frequent traveler will appreciate. Keep in mind that the Platinum fees are on top off the normal membership fees.


Annual Platinum Fees

Weeks and Points

1 Year


2 Years

$155 (13% savings)

3 Years

$221 (17% savings)

4 Years

$279 (22% savings)

5 Years

$322 (28%  savings)


RCI Exchange Fees

When planning on exchanging your vacation ownership week for another using RCI's platform, users must pay a fee for the service. 

Weeks Members Exchange Fees

 Total Cost (USD)

Call Center/


RCI Cruise (Trading Power of 7)



Points Members Exchange Fees

 Total Cost (USD)

Home Week Reservation (7 nights)

No charge

Home Resort Reservation (7 nights)


RCI Points Reservation 14 nights +


RCI Points Reservation: 7-13 nights 


RCI Points Reservation 6 nights


RCI Points Reservation 5 nights


RCI Points Reservation 4 nights


RCI Points Reservation 3 nights


RCI Points Reservation 2 nights


RCI Points Reservation 1 night


RCI Weeks Reservation (7 nights)


Last Call Vacations and RCI Cruise Rentals

Last Call Vacations are perfect for last-minute vacation planners looking to get away for a week. Confirmation is within 45 days of check-in.

Last Call and Cruise Rentals




Last Call - Call Center/



RCI Cruise Cash Rental  - - Fees Vary
Cruise Exchange - 20,000 Points $149  - -


Managing Your RCI Points and Weeks

For vacation points with more trading power than the ones you own, you can combine deposit credits for more trading power. Extend deposits by month or up to two years with combined deposits to save your vacation points from expiring before you get a chance to use them!

Points Deposits

Total Cost (USD)

Points Saving Fee


Points Extension - Less than or equal to 30,000 points


Points Extension - 30,001 Points or More


             Points Extension Fee - WVO                        Flat Rate


Points Rental Fee (Per Point)


Points for Deposit Fee



Weeks Deposits

Total Cost (USD)

Deposit Extension - 1 Month 


Deposit Extension - 3 Months


Deposit Extension - 6 Months


Deposit Extension - 12 Months


Combine Deposit Fee - 12 Month expiration


Combine Deposit Fee - 24 Month expiration


Vacation Time Transfer Fee


Deposit Restore


Unit Upgrades and Changes


Managing Exchange Vacations

Not using your points this year? Gift them to a friend or family member with a guest certificate. If for any reason, you need to change or cancel your exchange reservation, protecting your trading power will ensure you don't lose the value of your Exchange. Deposit trading power is based on factors like the date of your vacation and can be reduced if you decide to cancel or change the dates. 

Guest Certificate $89
Trading Power Protection  $64 - $104


Miscellaneous Fees

If you decide you no longer want to be a subscribing member and would like to transfer your subscription to a friend or family member, RCI requires you to fill out the a Membership Transfer Application. To allow a guest to use your vacations for up to 5 years, a guest pass can reduce the cost of the normal per use guest certificates. 


Miscellaneous Fees


Membership or Deposit Transfer (MTA)


Guest Pass - 5 Yr


Directory of Affiliated Resorts (Duplicate) S&H fee


Re-activation of Membership Fee



Duplicate Points Directory (S&H)



Keep in mind that fees listed are subject to change at RCI's sole discretion. The prices listed above began to take effect December 1, 2018. For more information, visit

Contact Fidelity

Does an RCI membership sound right for you? Buying vacation ownership on the resale market is a great way to use RCI membership to your advantage. Contact one of Fidelity's licensed real estate agents who can assist you in addressing any questions or concerns about the details of ownership. 

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